In Paris, Arabic dance in its diversity

Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Comoros.Seven countries are hosting the second edition of the Printemps de la danse arabe, piloted by the Institut du monde arabe (IMA), in Paris.June 28, the event intends to "emphasize that there is not one Arab world but several, of incredible artistic diversity", according to Marie Descourtieux, director of cultural actions at the IMA.It distributes thirteen choreographers in seven theaters Parisians by unfolding a range of styles, hip-hop, jazz, contemporary and classical.The film Un point de detail dans l'histoire du ballet ?, directed in 2016 by Hisham Abdel Khalek, tells about the creation, in 1953, of the first body of the Cairo Opera ballet under the leadership of Moscow Bolshoi performers who came to train the local dancers.

In rehearsal in a studio at Centquatre-Paris, where she is in residence for her new piece Fighting, the Egyptian choreographer Shaymaa Shoukry, 34, seems to have left her apprenticeship of arabesques far behind at the age of 8.'determined attack, she cuts down cutting martial art movements."I started practicing kung fu in 2008, then tai chi and qi gong a year ago after a traffic accident where I had seriously injured my back, she explains.I didn't think I would dance again."

Shaymaa Shoukry, choreographer: "The situation is complicated in Egypt but I continue to rehearse in Cairo and present my work there"

Choreographer since 2008, with about fifteen pieces to her credit, she practiced jazz and salsa, then studied modern dance at the Cairo Opera House and theater at the American University.She then deepened the contemporary in 2006 with Karima Mansour, figure of choreographic art in Egypt, then for five years with Laurence Rondoni, leading performer of French dance and pilot of various formations at the Emad El Din studio."I don't know if my work is influenced by this or that artist, but I had shocks while working during internships with personalities who came to teach in Cairo such as the French Nacera Belaza or the Canadian Benoît Lachambre, ”she says.

Posted Date: 2020-08-25

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