Martial arts are combat sports that allow to defend oneself but also to get in shape, to develop personal discipline as well as spiritual strength.

Choose according to your needs and objectives

Since the dawn of time, martial arts have fascinated spectators and attracted neophytes. They encourage perseverance, concentration and the surpassing of personal limits, while making it possible to develop a healthy and motivating life discipline.

There are many different martial arts: some disciplines exchange blows during fights (karate, taekwondo), others consist in immobilizing the opponent (judo, aikido, jiu- jitsu), and some aim at well-being and inner peace through breathing control (tai-chi-chuan).

Knowing this, you will have to choose your discipline according to the goals you set for yourself. Do you want to be able to defend yourself? Would you like to increase your physical fitness, flexibility and muscularity? Do you want to increase your control and self-confidence? Would you like to relax and refocus?

Different types of martial arts

Here are some martial arts you might be interested in:

Karate: consists of blows with the edge of the hand, elbow, knee and foot (indoor karate fights never involve real blows). Karate techniques allow you to develop exceptional discipline and physical fitness. They improve control and self-confidence, and make it possible to become aware of each movement by coordinating them in order to react to an attack. Karate is perfect for disciplining your muscles and mind, while allowing you to be more resistant to effort.

Jujitsu: This sport is characterized by techniques of punching (or with the edge of the hand) and kicking, throwing to the ground and blocking to make the opponent bend and subdue him. Jujitsu uses the opponent’s energy and strength to break free from his or her grip and win a fight.

Kung-fu: Kung-fu is quite similar to karate, but places more emphasis on leg techniques. It allows to burn fat, to work the muscles in depth and to improve flexibility. Breathing management helps to cope with stress. It also helps to develop concentration and to be more reactive.

Taekwondo: this martial art, also based on punches and kicks, targets the opponent’s weak points and practices techniques to block attacks.

Tai-chi: with slow and conscious movements, you will learn to control and balance your body’s energies. The energy of the blow comes from the foot, then it is directed through the waist before being transmitted through the hands. The muscles are worked deeply but gently.

For some disciplines, you will need to purchase materials such as gloves and punching bags .

Why use a punching bag?

Before asking yourself who a punching bag is for, you need to understand your interests. And there are many of them. For starters, it allows you to train on your own at any time of the day. This aspect should not be neglected: you can train as long as you want, as long as your motivation allows it. No need to complain if you miss your routines because your sparring hasn’t trained you enough, go work them against a punching bag, no more excuses. However, you will need to own one, but think about buying smart, so go for a second-hand punching bag.

Thanks to a punching bag, you will be able to work enormously on your cardiovascular system, the upper part of your body will be the most solicited, but don’t neglect your footwork during the sessions, so it will be a very complete exercise.

Simply put, the punching bag is for anyone who wants to work their endurance with an intense activity that consumes a lot of resources. It is important to choose a punching bag that meets your needs.

The punching bag can be used to train in many different disciplines, for example if you work at a very high frequency with low strokes, it is an excellent cardio exercise for all sports. Obviously, combat disciplines are the ones that benefit the most from this exercise.

Whether it’s in English or French boxing, muay thai, kickboxing or even karate, you can repeat your strokes and sequences to master them perfectly. All contact sports based on percussion will greatly benefit from working on the punching bag. Being able to train on your own, to concentrate on your strokes and on yourself is a necessary work for a good progression in these sports.

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